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Pediatric Chiropractic

Just like adults, babies and children can benefit from having chiropractic care. Our chiropractors will use a soft touch to assess their structure and function. The goal of chiropractic care for kids is to make sure none of the bumps and falls of life take a toll and their bodies can develop the way they should.

You can think of chiropractic as a way for you to help make sure your child’s foundation is strong and stable. If their structure is correct, they’ll have the best possible chance at proper growth and hitting their milestones.

We Love Supporting Families

There’s no better feeling than to have a mom and dad bring their baby or child in and trust that they’ll be in good hands with us. One patient was a new mom in the hospital with her baby, who was just hours old. Though it wasn’t yet time to check out, the baby was having trouble breastfeeding, so they made a trip to Capital Family Chiropractic.

After a single, simple adjustment, the baby could breastfeed normally, and Mom and Baby returned to the hospital.

Dr. Bidgood is particularly passionate about caring for babies and children. During her internship at Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, she was extensively trained in pediatric care. The school clinic conducted research within chiropractic care for pediatric patients and found a great benefit to it. During her time in the clinic, Dr. Bidgood saw young patients who had a range of different concerns.

Is the new patient process different for pediatric patients?

The process is much the same, though we’ll tailor what we do to your child. For example, if they are old enough to understand what’s happening, we’ll involve them and make it fun for them to be here. There is a separate intake form for pediatric visits that you can fill out ahead of time.
What if my child is nervous about being adjusted?

For younger patients, we typically use an instrument to adjust them. We can let them feel it and demonstrate it on their hand. They’ll know what it looks like and what to expect. Since we keep a fun environment, kids usually aren’t nervous to visit here.
How do you adjust babies?

There is a soft touch and hold technique that’s all we need to adjust a baby. It’s the same as the pressure you’d use to touch your eyeball. As your child gets older, we may use instrument-based adjusting or gentle, manual adjustments.

When you’ve decided to take the next step, you don’t want to wait to get in for an appointment. You won’t have to at our office. We typically have same-day visits available. Call as quickly as you can to see what we have open during the day!

Take the Next Step

Let us support you and your family on your health journey. Contact Capital Family Chiropractic now to schedule your child’s appointment for pediatric chiropractic Fairfield!

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