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About Capital Chiropractic

Dr. Jayne Bidgood and Dr. Nick Milton met while attending Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England. Dr. Milton grew up in London. Dr. Bidgood had an aunt who once taught at the college, which is how she found out about the school. They graduated and began practicing in 2009.

Dr. Bidgood was born and raised in Victoria. She and Dr. Milton made the move to Victoria to enjoy the proximity to the beach, forests and lakes, and be a part of the health-conscious community.

Located on Fairfield Road

Capital Chiropractic is on Fairfield Road, across the street from the Ross Bay Cemetery. We are in the Fairfield area of Victoria, just a few blocks from St. Charles Street.

Be Natural. Be Vibrant.

Through chiropractic, you can add life to your years. Dr. Bidgood and Dr. Milton live the chiropractic lifestyle, which means getting proper rest, managing stress, eating right and being adjusted regularly. Now more than ever, people must make a shift in the way they think of health. It’s not simply the absence of disease, but a multifactorial puzzle, of which chiropractic is one important piece.

Addressing a Range of Concerns

From personal experience and clinical practice, our providers are well-versed in addressing a variety of challenges. These include whiplash injury, neck pain and headaches, along with sports injuries. Dr. Bidgood and Dr. Milton understand how having such a condition can deeply affect every facet of your life, including your hobbies, occupation and family. You’ll receive a great deal of empathy along with the care you need at the office.

You’ll Learn All About Health

You’ll be treated like a member of the family when you become a patient at Capital Chiropractic. In a relaxed and friendly environment, our providers will learn about you and provide you with the same high quality of care they would want a loved one to receive. With a high level of attention to detail, you’ll learn all about the cause of your problems, what we plan to do to facilitate your healing and all recommendations to help you heal.

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