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New Patients at Capital Chiropractic

Capital Chiropractic is a lively, welcoming place that’s full of positivity and fun. There’s a family vibe here, one that will make you and your loved ones feel instantly comfortable. When you walk in, Marlee, our chiropractic assistant (who is also Dr. Bidgood’s sister) will warmly greet you.

You can find the new patient forms online and fill them out ahead of time. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move around.

Getting Started

Your initial visit is all about gathering information. You’ll meet your chiropractor and be told what today involves, so there are no surprises. They’ll talk about your health history and lifestyle. The next step will be to have what we call vitality testing. These tests look at your balance, heart rate, posture, stress levels and more. You’ll receive an adjustment on the first visit, wrapping up in about forty-five minutes.

Your Second Visit

When you return a day or two later, you’ll sit down with your chiropractor for a report of findings. This is when all the pieces will come together. You’ll learn what’s happening in your body, why and what we can do to facilitate your healing. All your questions will be answered and you’ll be adjusted again. This appointment takes about a half-hour.

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It’s easy to book your visit online. Or give us a call to get answers to your questions now!


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